Simply install the app on your Shopify store & we automatically add our code


Use our live editing tool to easily build stylish mobile friendly promo offers.


Match offers to your store design, create offer conditions. No coding!


Activate the offer & BOOM! It will appear on your Shopify storefront.

How it works

(Spoiler alert: Smart Offers helps you sell more)

Studies have shown that fresh, relevant website content presented in a well designed manner helps to convert visitors into customers. It also encourages existing customers to keep coming back to your store.
Great! Sounds obvious right? The downside is this normally takes a lot of time, effort & (depending on your skill set) money. Not any more...

Offers load from a footer tab

Customers can access your offers from a tab that sits fixed in the footer of your store. Customise the tab text, and colors. You can even automatically open the Smart Offers panel on page load.

See it in action!

Super easy offer creation!

Use our live editing tool to easily build & customise unlimited offers. Control every aspects of the offer to suit your store design & marketing needs. Absolutely no coding required!

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Set offer conditions

Want to display an offer only when customers are browsing a particular product(s), collection(s) or page(s)? No problem at all with Smart Offers. You can even force the offer to open on page load!

Get started for free!

Get creative!

Easily create a range of different offer designs to keep your store fresh and stylish. Use images, products or keep it minimal. Match the design perfectly to your store with no coding required!

Create your first Smart Offer

So what does it cost?

Free Plan

$ 0

per month
  • 3 offers only
  • 2 offer layouts
  • FullĀ  customisation
  • Offer conditions
  • Remove Smart Offers branding

Pro PlanRecommended

$ 9

per month
  • Unlimited offers!
  • 2 offer layouts
  • Full customisation
  • Offer conditions
  • Remove Smart Offers branding

Need help?

( Have a pre-sales question? Reach out via email )

How do I upgrade to the Pro version?

Need more than 3 offers? Would you like to use offer conditions or remove the “Powered by Smart Offers” link? Simply click on the little account icon in the left column of the app and select the Pro Plan.


Have another support question? Reach out to our support team via email.

Feature Request?

Got an idea to improve the app? Let us know & we will do our best to make it happen!